Juni 2016

Juni 2016

10-06 “Control of the High Angle Malocclusion” die Niederlande, Soestduinen

Lecturer’s Name: Dr. Derek Mahony

Title: “Control of the High Angle Malocclusion”

Date: June 10, 2016

Location: Hilton Royal Parc Hotel, Soestduinen (9.00 - 18.00 hours)

Background of Speaker: see www.derekmahony.com  

Price: € 395,- per person (incl. lunch and drinks), for Ortho Forum-members € 350,-.  Assistents receive 25% discount.



If we think of a high angle patient as a Class II skeletal, we tend to think, because of the Class II paradigm, of retracting the maxilla. This normally leads to extraction of premolars as the typical approach. Alternatively, the Class II high angle case can be considered as an underlying Class III – disguised by the vertical posterior excess.

By removing the posterior occlusion the mandible has no choice but to rotate upwards and forward. This means the treatment paradigm for high angle Class II malocclusions should be intrusion of the first permanent molars, 1-2mm out of the occlusion.

If we think of the high angle vertical growth pattern as really being a disguised Class III we would also treat it by expansion of the upper arch. To allow the mandible to rotate we need to remove the posterior vertical occlusion via some method e.g. using a bite block or extractions or intrusion with micro implants.

Removal of second molars allows the first permanent molars to be intruded 1mm out of the occlusion so that the patient has to bite forward on the bicuspids. More information click here